A   F R E E   E V E N T   F O R   A L L   F R O M   A P R I L   2 5   T O   2 7,   2 0 1 4


Friends and neighbors, celebrate spring at America's largest student-run festival, organized by a passionate team of 45 undergraduates and two faculty advisors at Johns Hopkins University. Enjoy a fun weekend of funnel cakes, corn hole, and a cappella concerts at our Homewood Campus!

CONTEST SIGN-UPS: Don't forget to click here to sign up for the Redbull Chariot Race!

3 4 0 0   N. C H A R L E S   S T R E E T   B A L T I M O R E,   M D
Spring Fair Food Quad is legendary. And why not?! With vendors from up and down the East coast we feature the most quintessential and inventive food vendors here at Fair. From blooming onions and grilled cheese to red velvet cupcakes and soft serve, we have all your tastiest cravings covered! This year’s vendors include everyone’s favorite soda company from New Jersey, Wild Bill’s Soda, with a new flavor: BLACK CHERRY! From down south Wood Fired Foods’ personal pizzas will be making their second appearance. Who doesn’t like pizza?! And as always we will have a wide variety of Thai and Indian food vendors with classics like Chicken on Stick. Shout out to one of our longest standing vendors: thank you to Hoffman’s for your over TWO DECADES of loyal service to Fair; Spring Fair would simply not be the same with our your savory funnel cakes and melt-in-your-mouth fried Oreos! Come hungry and leave ecstatic!!

Battle it out in a fight between good and evil in the Spring Fair Beer Garden! Make sure to grab any of our variety of beers to make it a SUPER Spring Fair day. Lounge around in a garden full of heroes and villains, but make sure to keep on the lookout for trouble. There will be food, fun, and music to get you pumped up to save the day.


Friday: 2-3 Senior Happy Hour (Need JCard), 3-8 with taps off at 7
Saturday: 12-7 taps of 6:30
Sunday: 12-5 taps of 4:30

Beer Selection:

$2 Beers:
Budweiser or Rolling Rock
Bud Light
Bud Light Lime

$3 Beers:
Johnny Appleseed( A new cider)
Goose Island
Bud Light Lime-a-Rita
Shock Top Lemon Shandy

This year the Kids Section will feature face painting, a petting zoo, ponies, inflatable rides, magicians, and many other attractions! Check back for an official list as we near closer to fair!
Thanks to the Alumni Association for their student grant to support kids activities at Spring Fair.


4.30-5.30 - Face Painting
3.00-5.00 - Ponies

1.00-3.00 - Face Painting
1.00-3.00 - Ponies
1.00-3.00 - Petting Zoo
2.00-2.30 - Mark Wood Magician
1.00 and 3.00 - Ray Owen
12.00-5.00 - Jerry Brown Monkey Man

1.00-3.00 - Petting Zoo
2.00-2.30 - Mark Wood Magician
12.00-5.00 - Jerry Brown Monkey Man


C O N T A C T   I N F O R M A T I O N
Executives: springfair@gmail.com
Arts and Crafts: springfair.artsandcrafts@gmail.com
Beer: jhubeergarden@gmail.com
Advertising: advertising.springfair@gmail.com
Food: food.springfair@gmail.com
Games: springfair.gamesandcontests@gmail.com
Kids: kids.springfair@gmail.com
Music: springfairmusic@gmail.com
Night Time: nighttime@jhuspringfair.com
Plant Ops: plantops.springfair@gmail.com
Assistants: assistants.springfair@gmail.com

Phone: 410-516-7692
Fax: 410-516-6185

Matin Center Office Building
Suite 210
3400 N Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218
For directions to campus, please click here.

Spring Fair 2014 music committee is extremely excited to bring you J-Cole and an outstanding lineup of daytime performers throughout Fair weekend this year. Check back soon to see our complete line up of musicians!

Betty Who: Betty Who blends indie and pop music into an irresistible mix of bold soundscapes, Top 40 hooks, and knowing lyrics. Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, she played cello by age four and began writing her first pop songs in her early teens. Her voice is striking and memorable, and, according to Billboard, "shimmers with a self-assuredness extremely uncommon in an unsigned artist." Her recent debut EP "The Movement" was welcomed with rave reviews, including being crowned "Best EP of 2013" by both Billboard Magazine and Popjustice, being called "This Year's Major One To Watch" by MTV Buzzworthy, and being called "The Artist Who Will Save Pop Music" by Idolator, with The Guardian, Digital Spy, Arjan Writes, Kick Kick Snare, All Things Go, Pop On And On, Jon Ali, and countless others chiming in with equal praise, as the EP soared to 250K+ streams and 70K song downloads. She is currently working with producer Peter Thomas of Pulse Recordings on new material, and describes her artistic goal quite directly: "I'd just like to make people dance."
Charlie Mars: For over fifteen years Charlie Mars has toured succesfully, opening shows for R.E.M. and Steve Earle while searching for his own voice. With his latest record, Blackberry Light, his artistic vision is clearer than ever. With the assistance of producer Tchad Blake (The Bad Plus), Mars has sewn together tightly crafted songs with moods and melodies that pulse with sex, wonderment, and personal destruction – all themes that may clash on paper but in music suggest mysteries that are organic to us all.
David Oakleaf: “…a 4-piece powerhouse known as David Oakleaf & The Open Road, whose tireless work ethic, high-energy shows, and all-for-one attitude have made them club and concert favorites for years throughout the South and Midwest…David Oakleaf & The Open Road have already hit the ground running and have generated huge buzz with country stations and their listeners…” By PHIL SWEETLAND, Music+Radio contributor, New York Times
Christian Lopez & Joe Taxi: Christian Lopez and The Christian Lopez Band (TCLB) are not merely riding the wave of Americana Music, the West Virginia natives, are bending it to its knees. With the will of his voice and the stomp of a steady beat, Christian Lopez and his band are pioneering their own brand of Alt. Folk Country Rock. Like a young Whitman, Lopez translates the iconic America before him into rousing romps and searing serenades employing crisp and thoughtful imagery and storytelling. Lopez is turning traditional songwriting on its head. Lopez takes listeners on a heartfelt rampage through emotion, energy and excitement caring less about the hook then hooking them in with the range and passion in his voice. One moment the music traverses the depths of one’s interior life and the next it rips the listener into a frenzy - a call to stomp, romp and roll.
Jon LaDeau: Jon LaDeau is a songwriter, guitarist, and singer living in Brooklyn, NY. His unique blend of rock and roll is informed by his blues and country influences. Over the past several years he has performed with his band, as a solo artist, and as a sideman in nearly every state of the U.S, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria. He continues to perform regularly around New York, including a weekly residency at Moto in Brooklyn.His band has broken in dance floors all across the country and after selling out of his self-titled 2012 release, Jon is currently touring in support of his 3rd album, Noodlehead.
Hurrah!: “The Deli Magazine’s Best Emerging Rock Band of 2011…Wil Farr doesn’t take long to drown himself in sweat. Spun from the same cloth as Bruce Springsteen or Ian Curtis, he routinely leads his homespun band to a blaze of glory, forcing his restless spirit and barbed hooks through anyone looking for a dose of excitement. Hurrah! builds each track of their heartland-brewed, rocking-yet-rootsy tunes to a frenzy, making believers of anyone looking for a rush of adrenaline chased down by a shot of big band frenzy.”
Dale and the ZDubs: A fresh rock/reggae groove is flowing out of the nation’s capital, and its name is Dale and the ZDubs. Their songwriting delves into the relationships, dreams, failures, and people that have inspired or slept with the band. DZD has a little something for everyone. Emphasis on “little.” And sometimes Dale takes his clothes off on stage. Bodies are gyrating, dreads are flailing, and beer is flowing like wine as vocal harmonies and radical solos from guitar, bass, saxophone, and drums take over the room. DZD pushes the weird and brings up the vibe whether it be on stage, in your backyard, or in your bedroom. Be on the lookout for performances up and down the East Coast, and check out the debut album Leave the Drama.
Del Water Gap: DEL WATER GAP was born in the fall of 2011 as the creative manifestation of upstate New York’s S. HOLDEN JAFFE, a self-proclaimed “song and dance man.” AFTER SELF-PRODUCING THE DEL WATER GAP EP in a gentrified storage closet during the spring of 2012, Jaffe relocated to New York City’s East Village where, thanks to a week in Hurricane Sandy’s blacked out Lower Manhattan, he joined forces with bassist WILL EVANS and drummer CHARLIE SCHLINKERT to form the project’s live incarnation. Evans, a true corn-fed Kansas boy, has a background in bass guitar and vocal performance with a concentration in opera. Schlinkert, hailing from just north of New York City, studied jazz drums and vibraphone before throwing away the brushes to concentrate on the more even-tempered musings of an alt folk trio. The group currently lives and works out of Alphabet City, making a regular pilgrimage upstate to write and record in their man-cave studio.
Skunkmello: Sewer blues and gutter grooves for the barefooted and absent minded. After almost 2 years of late nights, lost shoes, and last calls, Skunkmello remains one of New York City's hardest working and most prolific new bands. After a single blistering recording session in August 2012, the band released their debut "Whiskey & Oatmeal" to an overwhelmingly positive response online and at college radio. June 2013 saw the release of a second EP "Lowlife Dreams" which was Mastered by Grammy Award Winner Brian Lucey (best known for his work on The Black Keys' "Brothers" and "El Camino"). They are currently working on their first full length production - slated for release in May 2014. Skunkmello have toured the east coast and performed at festivals like Musikfest, Johns Hopkins University's Spring Fair, My Secret Boston's Rumble on the River 2012 & 2013 and the Our Ales Brewery 1st Annual Concert at the Creek.
Super City: Baltimore-based band formed by songwriting duo Dan Ryan and Greg Wellham
Jay VerzeDarius Exum, better known as Jay Verze has grabbed hold of the microphone with dreams of rekindling the simmered out torch of Hip Hop with an inferno of original lyrics and a message that transcends all age barriers–death is not the end. He intends to animate the lifeless beauty, Hip Hop, in his own way with his own style. Inspired at a young age by the soulful music that his Father filled their home with, years later, he decided to form a band with his friend. This was the beginning of his love affair with music. And like all love stories, things only grew more intense from there.
Driven to Clarity: Drawing from the diverse music scene of Baltimore, Maryland, Driven to Clarity fuses a mix of popular rock, funk, and pop rhythms to create a distinct sound that separates them from the field of other bands. Driven to Clarity appeals to both lovers of mainstream music and independent music alike. A young energetic band, Driven to Clarity has taken the Baltimore music scene by storm. Shooting through the music charts on ReverbNation, Driven to Clarity has broken into and has held a position within the Top Ten singer/songwriter charts for Baltimore, Maryland since April 2012.
The Chance: Vocalist Collin Athas formed the band in July of 2010 in Baltimore, MD. Originally just an acoustic project, he decided to go electric and added lead guitarist Chaz Brown to the mix. After a couple months of writing, they went to Misty Hill Studios (East) with producers Dan Book and Alexei Misoul (Hot Chelle Rae, All Time Low, The Summer Set) to record their debut EP entitled “No Big Deal”, a process they worked on for almost a year. When they weren’t in the studio, they were playing around their hometown, Baltimore, Maryland, at venues like the Recher Theatre, Ottobar, and Rams Head Live!, receiving a great response to their first single, “Why Can’t You Love Me.” The EP was finally released in October of 2011. In 2012, after a short hiatus, they played a reunion show at the Recher Theatre in August with drummer Jack O’Connell and added him as a permanent member. Dan Bennett joined in May of 2013 on bass to complete the band. Currently, with a new permanent line-up, the band has been writing and recording new songs for their upcoming debut full length and creating a unique sound, combining Athas’ love of pop, Brown’s classic rock, Bennett's pop-punk and O’Connell’s post-hardcore, making it The Chance.
The Visions: The Visions are Baltimore's premier electro funk outlet. Consisting of brothers Ben and Mike Shugarman, and long time friends Scott Engorn and Ryan Brooks, this young and talented group of musicians have been making a name for themselves along the east coast by delivering electrifying and soulful performances at venues in Baltimore, DC, Philladelphia, and NYC. Their music intersects the realms of funk, soul, electro, and dance music in a universal sound with strong pop sensibility and raw musicianship. Their live shows are revered as equally impressive to their latest studio project, "Can U Still Dance?", an 80's style dance record that exposes Shook's rich musical heritage and sonic mastery. Sights set high, The Visions offer the world their artistry in an age of oversaturation and imitation.
Evan Michael: Evan Michael is a 17 year old modern Country Singer-Songwriter & Nashville Recording Artist from Towson, MD. Evan released his debut, self- titled EP in April of 2011 and his debut country single, “June Night” (written with Leah Burkey) on August 3, 2012. He’s recently been writing and recording for a new album in Nashville, TN. Check out his music here. Yellow North: Indie Pop / Hip Hop Band (Mike & Miele).
The Lilly Kills: “Given to the Rock persuasion, and saturated with energy and emotion, The Lilly Kills bring to you the infamous power of Rock and Roll from a different perspective. It’s not just about taking the music that has been done in the past and doing it better, it’s about taking what has been done, and doing it differently.” Spawned in Baltimore MD, June 2012, by Christian Neonakis (Vocals/Guitar), Jake Weiss (Vocals/Keys), Thom Hickey (Bass), Andrew McCabe (Lead Guitar), and Everett Glovier (Drums), The Lilly Kills present a modern take on Rock and Roll with a keen sense of its roots, combining key elements of Blues and Rock. The Lilly Kills are inspired by an eclectic list of artists including Muse, Miike Snow, Jack White, Rage Against the Machine, Mute Math, Awolnation, Derek Trucks, and such legends like The Allman Brothers and Son House.
The Lilly Kills began their journey in 2010 when Christian Neonakis, Andrew McCabe, and Jake Weiss began preforming under the name “SOMA”. With the eventual addition of Hickey, and Glovier, The Lilly Kills were brought into existence.’’
Mark Hopkins: Mark is a Maryland home grown, small town funky white kid. Full of soul and amazing musicianship! Mark started out playing a red Yamaha 6 string; jamming "Smells Like Teen Spirit" thru a Peavey amp at his 7th grade talent show. Since then he has released 6 albums (several which received critical acclaim) and attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he studied songwriting and guitar. He no longer plays the Yamaha, or Nirvana- but you can see him rocking his beat up 70's Strat with his Trio playing a plethora of original, soulful, music! You might also see Mark playing the hell out of his Acoustic at local bars around the Baltimore area.
Sun Club: We were born. We now play music. Then some other guy comes around and is like "Ah, Bongbong, slideyslide, tingting" then another comes around and is like "dr-dr-dr-dr-drop da bass!"
Funk Harp: Funkharp is a collective rock ensemble with an ever-rotating line up of guest musicians. The musical drive behind Funkharp songs is Joseph Randle, a blues and jazz inflected singer/songwriter from Philadelphia, PA. Funkharp's latest studio LP, "Brace You and Shake You" was released in March 2013
Greasy Hands: The Greasy Hands are a group of subterranean troubadours on an epic quest for the holy grail of rock n’ roll. Battling obsolete plaid shorts and perpetual complacency, the group found themselves united in a strange placed called “Baltimore.” Playing a modern blend of funk, rock and soul, the band is now accompanied by a light show and an endless supply of bourbon (the good stuff). Greasy Hands is currently in the process of recording their first full-length album; coming soon to an audio device near you.
Matt Hutchison: Matt was a member of Baltimore band Fools & Horses whose acclaims include being voted Best Band of Baltimore by the readers of the Baltimore City Paper for three consecutive years and being named Best Modern Rock Band and Fan Favorite by the Washington Area Music Association. In addition, Fools and Horses had the honor of having its song “The Therapy” featured on Starbucks’ compilation Off the Clock, which sold over 30,000 copies. Television and film also embraced the band’s catalog of songs with placements on Cinema Sounds, the Playboy Channel, FUSE Network, MTV, A&E, E!, ESPN and USA. Matt has performed at many top clubs up and down the East coast, including The Bitter End and Arlene’s Grocery, (N.Y) World Café Live! and the Tin Angel, (Philadelphia, PA) The Bottle and Cork, (Dewey Beach, DE) Seacrets, (Ocean City, MD), The Rock & Roll Hotel, (Washington, DC) The Recher Theatre, Ram’s Head Live!, and the Eight by Ten Club. (Baltimore, MD)
The Sunsets: The Sunsets are a local, Hopkins-based band that play a combination of Indie and Grunge covers with a smattering of original pieces. The band is made up of two singers, a guitarist, bassist, and drummer.

A R T S   &   C R A F T S
The Arts & Crafts show at the annual Johns Hopkins Spring Fair is one of the most varied parts of the weekend-long event. Each year we attract an increasingly large number of Arts & Crafts vendors, and continue to welcome back many of our veteran vendors (some of whom have been participating since Spring Fair's first year)! Through a process of juried selections through the Fall and Winter, the Arts & Crafts Committee carefully selects an eclectic variety of vendors to sell both commercial and hand-crafts items, ranging anywhere from custom made jewelry to clothing and fine arts. Our goal is to include vendors that offer something everyone can be interested in. The Baltimore community and Johns Hopkins students look forward to finding the best of local goods that appeals to their own unique styles and tastes.
As far as committes go, we are constantly trying to improve the Arts & Crafts show each year.If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to email us.


Vendor Name--      Space #
Dumbsmacked Life Co.--    40
The Frida Collection--    26
Scented Crystals by Kaya--    5
Radiantly You--    23
Choice Tunes--    97
Jewelicious Kreations--    35
Just Henna--    47
Bags of Gold by MeOohMy--    6,7
AMR Jewelry Boutique--    18
Mena Botanicals--    17
Magnabilities--    42
Furtastic Collars--    46
Terry Pool Design--    49
Lauren Preller Fine Photography and Art--    29
Amber Forever Amber--    62,63,95
Visionary Folk Artist Nina Spencer--    86
Hand Crafted Yard Flags--    83
Row House 14--    25
Msprity Enterprises LLC--    69
Nocturnal Press--    53
Steenhagen Studios--    22
Norden Arts--    41
Jewelry Sensations by Sonia--    54
Super Rad Design/Frostwear--    1
Musehill Beadworks--    24
J's Paper Fantasies--    32
Beltway--    9
Love & Glitter--    34
Tibet Sky Emporium--    45
Lonnetrix Wire Art--    10
Mid Atlantic Waterproofing--    71
The Spark--    73
Taste of Heaven Kettle Corn--    70
North Baltimore Pro-Life Study Group--    65
MD Right to Life--    89
College Savings Plans of Maryland--    48
Friends of John Sarbanes--    16
Shore Natural Gifts--    39
Chesapeake Physicians for Social Responsibility--    88
Lynne Shpack Custom Creations--    84
Ideal Products, Inc - Moon Glo--    85

S C H E D U L E   O F   M U S I C   E V E N T S

Time: 5-6:15pm
Band: Pike Band

Time: 6:30-8pm
Band: Betty Who

Time: 12-12:45pm
Band: Bravenoise

Time: 1-1:45pm
Band: Driven to Clarity

Time: 2-3pm
Band: The Visions

Time: 3:15-4:15pm
Band: Dale and the ZDubs

Time: 4:30-5:30pm
Band: Skunkmello

Time: 5:45-6:45
Band: David Oakleaf

Time: 12-12:45pm
Band: Mark Hopkins

Time: 1:15-2:15pm
Band: Funk Harp

Time: 2:30-3:30pm
Band: Super-City

Time: 3:45-4:45pm
Band: Charlie Mars



Time: 5-5:45pm
Band: Jay Verze

Time: 6-6:45pm
Band: The Sunsets


Time: 12-12:45pm
Band: The Chance

Time: 1-1:45pm
Band: Evan Michael

Time: 2-3pm
Band: Yellow North

Time: 3:15-4:15pm
Band: The Lilly Kills

Time: 4:30-5:30pm
Band: Jon Ladeau

Time: 5:45-6:45
Band: Hurrah!


Time: 12-12:45pm
Band: Sun Club

Time: 1:15-2:15pm
Band: Greasy Hands

Time: 2:30-3:30pm
Band: Matt Hutchinson

Time: 3:45-4:45pm
Band: Del Water Gap